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Heavy physical labor is not required.

The machine has the ability to be operated manually or by motor.

The device is equipped with a Honda industrial motor.

The device has a shunting operation, for easy access to the pre-marking.

Large laying lines can be processed more effectively and efficiently.

The device can also be transported in small vehicles.

The device is very sturdy and robust.

Good balance between price and performance!

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Details MFVG / Motorized road marking foil machine


The motorized road marking foil machine MFVG is the highlight of our foil machines. This device is the result of experience, development and construction. Simply a great idea to make everyday’s construction work easier!

KSI-Metall based in Haan, NRW (Nord Rhine Westfalia) – Germany, has brought a motor-driven foil laying machine into the market, which makes everyday traffic safety easier when laying the foil. Heavy physical labor is not required. The device is equipped with a Honda (6,5 HP) industrial motor. This way, larger laying stretches, even with considerable inclines, can be processed more effectively and efficiently.

It was a concern of KSI-Metall to develop a carriageway film laying device that is compact, stable, robust and easy to use. This was achieved with the motorized foil laying machine.

The device MFVG can also be transported in small vehicles. Furthermore, the user does not need a long instruction in operation. Nothing needs to be programmed or reprogrammed. The handling is self-explanatory. Immediately after the tank has been filled and the foil has been fitted, the MFVG is ready for the marking work.

The marking machine / tape applicator is a floor marking device that is suitable for both temporary laying and permanent marking.

The MFVG – lane marking device – is further characterized by details that underline the user-friendliness.

It has a built-in shunting operation, which enables easy approach to the pre-marking.

The Roadtaper MFVG can be switched from motor to manual operation. This ensures that the device can still be used. It can therefore also be used as a manual film laying device without the ongoing process having to be interrupted.

The Cut Striping Tape Applicator has a manual cutting device. This is operated with the foot during installation. During the laying process, the operator can decide at any point where the film will be cut.

The laying of the foil in the construction and work area can thus be adapted to the respective requirements without endangering a high-quality result of the laying of lane marking foils. The MFVG effortlessly masters strongly adhesive foils, which require considerable effort with a manual device.

The MFVG – Industrial Foil Applicator – creates cost optimization in the field of traffic safety:

Employees require less effort

Workload is reduced

Happier employees

Durable device with high quality

Thanks to its technical know-how, KSI-Metall has implemented the motorized foil laying machine, a powerful, compact device for road marking, of robust quality, which impresses with its user-friendliness and a very good price-performance ratio.

The MFVG in action


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