The RTC 300 is a foil pressure device. It is equipped with three flexible pressure rollers and is intended for mechanical film laying. (Attachment machine optional!)

You can find more details about the RTC300 here

The RTC-3 and RTC300 foil pressure device


The RTC-3 is a simple, hand-operated foil pressure machine and is essential for successful film laying. The RTC300 was developed as an alternative for wide foils or double lines. The machine is equipped with three flexible pressure rollers and is intended for automatic film laying.

Both devices are specially designed for 3M lane marking films with pressure-activated adhesives.

Spare parts can only be obtained from Kötter und Sperber Industrietechnik GmbH. Changes to the device can lead to product failure and exclude any claims. Pressure-activated adhesives require three factors in order to be able to bond optimally to the road surface:

Contact pressure

Due to the construction of the RTC-3 with a total weight of 90 kg on a small rubber roller or the RTC300 with 220 kg on three rubber rollers, this device brings more than twice the contact pressure of a truck tire onto the film.


The glue begins to flow an can connect perfectly to the surface by rolling slowly and repeatdly over the foil (walking speed).


The flow rate of the glue decreases with falling air or surface temperatures. Therefore, a compensation must be made here by higher pressure (e.g. placing a foil package) and / or slower, repeated rolling over. You can find more details by clicking this Link .